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I live on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with my husband, but no cats, no dogs. I have four children, and five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. We have lived on and traveled to many islands: Okinawa, Crete, the British Isles, Japan, Borneo, China, Thailand. I am an artist, and writer of a good and nutrition newspaper column and of historical novels.

I’ve been writing since I was fourteen, have authored two language arts textbooks based on folktales, one ebook, Moon Tales, ISBN 1-58200-0445, two small cookbooks, and a historical novel, Rotaida and the Runestone ISBN 9661667-4-6. Frankish Rotaida, a slave in Charlemagne’s kitchen, seeks her true father and to solve the mystery of her mother's past and her own identity. She finds herself enmeshed in a Saxon plot to assassinate King Charlemagne and wipe out his empire and Christianity in all Europe. Her magic talisman, the rune Algiz, sometimes gets her in trouble, but it saves her from being murdered. You learn a lot about foods and cooking in the early Middle Ages, and what life was like for 8th Century commonors,nobles, and royals.

Royal Spy, ISBN 09661667-7-9, is the sequel to Rotaida and the Runestone. It's new this spring. Sent to eavesdrop on supposed Saxon spies, Rotaida is kidnapped by a witch and taken towards Saxon territory. Escaping from her captors, she learns of a secret Saxon army forming and sets out to track it down,so she can warn Charlemgne. Disguised as a Hessian boy, the better to investigate, she gets forced into the Saxon army, and to battle against her own countryment, the Franks. Injured and left for dead, she wins rescue by a family of trolls who nurse her to health and eventually finds her way back to Frankland. Charlemagne and Christianity are saved--for now. Both books are on my website, www.marjwatkins.com